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Golden Age

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An unsettling, darkly comic new solo show by Georgina Beaty

premiered August 4 - 14 at the 2016 SummerWorks Performance Festival.

Toronto, the year 2020: There’s a spontaneous pregnancy epidemic and only Margaret gives birth - to a very unusual baby. She is quarantined in the far North. April, an eager anthropologist, arrives to chronicle Margaret and baby’s struggle to survive and becomes more entangled than she anticipated.


writer + performer // Georgina Beaty

director // Megan Watson

dramaturge + production consultant // Karen Hines

live visuals // Caterwaul Theatre (Erin Fleck + Sarah Fairlie)

design // Patrick Lavender

sound design // Chris Stanton

stage management // Tamara Vuckovic

production management // Daniel Bennett

producers // Sascha Cole, with Rashida Shaw

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In Conversation With Georgina Beaty, Interview by Bailey Green for In The Green Room


All The Girls That Fell in Love With Whales by Georgina Beaty for Intermission Magazine



“Quiet and contained – and deeply unsettling…Beaty plays both main characters with an impressive distinction” - Fear and Fertility at SummerWorks by Kelly Nestruck for The Globe and Mail 


"Part academic study, part light of fancy, and part cry of grief, Extremophiles isn't exactly for the faint of heart. If you are willing to go to extremes...it's worth the journey." Mooney on Theatre

Outstanding New Play, Outstanding Performance, Outstanding Design - NOW Magazine


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"Everything I'd hoped. Smart and funny and caring and deeply theatrical. Amazing good work." - Jacob Zimmer, Small Wooden Shoe

"Georgina Beaty, you are a marvel. What a beautifully crafted, design-rich and art savvy work this is." - Tara Beagan, Playwright, Co-Founder of Article 11 and former Artistic Director of Native Earth

“Riveting, haunting show - congratulations Georgina Beaty and team, great work.” – Evalyn Parry, Artistic Director of Buddies In Bad Times